Owl City — Captains And Cruise Ships

作者: 阿超 分类: 发现音乐 发布时间: 2017-10-09 11:07

来自美国明尼苏达州奥瓦通纳(Owatonna, Minnesota)的大学二年级生,Adam Young,组建了Owl City乐队。他就是这支流行电子乐队的唯一成员,负责主音、合成器和编曲等工作。随之独立发行的首张专辑《Of June》,为电音界吹来一股凉爽的清风。

饶有趣味的歌词有如抒情诗一般的迷人魅力,又颇具美学的魔力。你会惊叹于冰冷的键盘上怎能滑落如此圆润的音符,电子元素的巧妙运用使得整张专辑饱满而不失利落,跃动着生机盎然的温情。Adam Young在他的MySpace上写到,由于失眠的缘故,大部分歌曲都是在凌晨的时候制作出来的。清晨的第一滴露水和青草的芳香,已无形地渗透到Owl City的音乐里,自然灵动的氛围贯穿其中。

I am stuck in L.A.
Through the week and cant get away
And you’re alone on the pier
In West Palm Beach on your holiday
Stormy nights, re-awake
the stomach ache that I’ve acquired
from feeling down, things look grim
and I’m so sick of being tired
Apartment lights go dark
and its depressing but what can I do?
the midnight streets feel dead
when I am so used to driving with you
Brighter lights fill the night and
bluer skies reflect in your eyes
As I inspect and analyze
All of these dreams I don’t recognize

If you’re still up when the ships
in the port prepare to set sail
comb the beach and put those blue flowers up in your ponytail
Inside my head your voice
is still resounding but what can I do?
Empty rooms feel cold
when I am so used to being with you
Count the stars, watch the waves,
absorb the summer sun and think of me
when you explore hidden coves and tiny island chains
throughout the sea
Can you still, hear my voice
when Im outside from over the phone
For what its worth, darling dear
I wish you were here Cause I feel alone

When you were home we’d sing
but since you’ve left I don’t hear anything
And though I feel so sad
I cant believe things are really that bad
Old captains and brand new cruise ships
Sailing over the briny sea
When I crashed my beloved desk job
And swim through the debris
I’ll cut loose leave this mad house,
Bound for the Atlantic blue
I’ll stroll down your tree-lined driveway, and sail the ocean with you



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